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How and why to save the CBC: A Q&A with Rogers VP Kenneth Whyte


Bombarded by digital competitors, sinking ratings, sex and ethics scandals, and budget cuts, the CBC’s future looks bleak. But does anybody care? Kenneth Whyte does, even though he’s a long-time critic of the CBC and now a VP with Rogers Communications, which stole Hockey Night in Canada from the “Mother Corp” last year. In an exclusive interview with C2C Journal, Whyte says Canada needs a national public broadcaster – but a much different model than the one we have now.

A World ‘Crashing in’ on Canada

The idea that the world is “crashing in” on Canada comes from the University of Toronto geopolitics expert Janice Gross Stein, in a quote given to Michael Taube for an article in this edition of C2C Journal. It seems a particularly apt metaphor to describe ...

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Will Foreign Policy Frame the Ballot in 2015?

Canada’s next federal election is less than a year away. The platforms of the national parties are already taking shape, with the ruling Conservatives touting a budget surplus, family income splitting, and richer child tax benefits and credits. The Official Opposition NDP has rolled out ...

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Threat Inflation in a Time of Peace and Stability

“In this year much of our world has become a darker place,” said Prime Minister Stephen Harper in late October following the murders of two Canadian soldiers in Quebec and Ottawa, “and certainly it has become more dangerous.” Some gap between perception and reality is ...

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How to Play Russian Roulette

“Get out of Ukraine.” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Russian President Vladimir Putin November 15, 2014 In 1910 a young Hercygovinian named Zerayich, trained by the Serbian Army, tried to assassinate the Austrian governor of Bosnia. Having failed, he committed suicide, becoming an instant martyr to ...

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How to Fight Radical Islam? Free our ‘Captive Minds’

The Captive Mind is the title of a 1951 book by the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz, winner of the 1980 Nobel Prize for Literature. In it, Milosz, a refugee from communist Poland, speaks out against the obtuse and wilful blindness of the West about events ...

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Hunger and its Discontents

“Civilization is 24 hours and two missed meals deep” - Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Lucifer’s Hammer Human beings need to eat every day and we get very nervous when we don’t know where our next meal is coming from. As it is with individuals, so it ...

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The Religious Turn in Canadian Foreign Policy

The 20th Century, as Henry Luce and his prodigious legacy reminds us, was manifestly American. Who will dominate the 21st? Niall Ferguson argues it will belong to China, as did 18 of the last 20 centuries. Brian Lee Crowley and his team at the MacDonald ...

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Reviving and Revising the Canada First Defence Strategy

In Canadian defence circles the 1990s have long been known as the “decade of darkness”. The Chretien administration, committed to erasing the country’s deficits, slashed the defence budget by 25 percent, from $12 billion in 1993 to $9.4B in 1998, plunging troop numbers from 74,000 ...

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