Day: December 12, 2011

Q&A with Joanne Marcotte

c2c’s Joseph Quesnel interviews Joanne Marcotte, a pioneer in Quebec’s freedom movement, a co-founder of the Réseau Liberté Québec and author of the recently-released Pour en finir avec le governemama


Beware the CAQ: How the “efficient” left might eliminate Québec’s only right-of-centre party

The Quebec conservative scene has been shaken-up by the emergence of a new political movement — and now official political party — called the Coalition pour l’avenir du Québec (CAQ). Paul Beaudry argues that despite media spin, the coalition is not to be considered “conservative” in any sense of the word, and that the right-of-centre Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ) should rebuff attempts at a merger.


The Future of Free Trade in Québec

Support for free trade has tended to be high in Quebec: federalists supported it for economic reasons and sovereignists because it would allow the province to be less economically dependent on the rest of Canada. Will this change with the rise of the NDP? Bradley Doucet and Jasmin Guénette believe it could…


The Two Solitudes Make a Comeback

Is Quebec’s province-wide embrace of the NDP just more evidence that the two solitudes are as alienated from each as ever, or merely a fluke? Brendan Steven worries that language issues and the Quebec vs. the Rest of Canada divide will play a more prominent role in the next few years of Canadian politics.