Day: February 6, 2019

The Terrors Of Dr.Suzuki

For decades professional catastrophist David Suzuki has called humans “maggots” and a “cancer” on the Earth. His misanthropy is celebrated and taught in schools. His favourite mangled metaphor casts humans as bacteria. But the doctor of doom ought to know that we are more complex and creative organisms than microbes. The arc of human progress – for all its fits and starts – proves his “science” is hogwash, write Pierre Desrochers and Joanna Szurmak, as it was with all the Malthusians before him.


Punching Below Our Weight

Speaking of war – the real kind, not the fake “climate war” of fevered Liberal imaginations – ever wonder why countries ranging from China to Saudi Arabia can publicly berate Canada with seeming impunity? Well, who respects a country so unserious about defending itself, especially in a world that often seems just one missile strike away from conflagration? As Ottawa prepares to take possession of some worn-out Australian F-18 fighters that probably wouldn’t sell even on Kijiji, Mathew Preston undertakes a detailed comparison of Aussie and Canuck military capabilities and defence policy.