Day: July 9, 2019

Repatriation, Justice and Terror

The destruction of the Islamic State has led to an intractable problem: what to do with captured ISIS fighters who are western nationals? Despite President Trump’s pleas for enemy combatants to be repatriated and prosecuted in their country of origin, Europeans have thus far turned a blind eye. Writing for the Gatestone Institute, Soeren Kern looks at the Hobson’s choice faced by western nations. On the one hand, repatriating foreign fighters is deeply unpopular and carries political risks. On the other hand, barring their repatriation virtually guarantees the clandestine return of battle-hardened fighters. There are clear security threats attached to either scenario. It is a problem Canadians will soon face.


Welcome to Hotel Canada

Few politicians have ventured as far down the postmodern path as Justin Trudeau who famously proclaimed that Canada was a “postnational” nation, with no “core identity.” The refusal to accept any distinction between one’s conationals and foreigners reduces citizens to mere consumers and creates a nation united only by economic considerations. C2C contributor Bradly Betters, writing in American Thinker, looks at recent headlines which suggest that — contrary to common wisdom — millennials are flocking to Canada’s major cities. However, a deeper analysis suggests that Canadian millennials are leaving the city, forced out by pressures exerted on the real estate market by foreign buyers.


Psychiatry for the Do-it-yourself Crowd

It is normal for psychiatrists to examine patients before giving their diagnosis. This strikes us as sensible. But Bandy X. Lee, psychologist and Yale Professor, decided that when assessing the cognitive competence of President Trump such quaint protocols no longer apply. Following her example, Chadwick Moore, writing in The Spectator USA, uses his psycho-analytic acumen to examine some media personalities. Mr. Moore is a journalist. But he demonstrates conclusively that you don’t need a fancy degree to take the measure of someone’s mental health. What is most needed are strong opinions, the conviction that you are sane and grounded, and the certitude that you are a morally superior specimen. Fortunately, there appears to be no shortage of qualified individuals.