Day: November 27, 2019

Racing Cars for Fun and Profit

The new movie Ford v Ferrari is a tribute to male ingenuity, capitalism, fast cars and testosterone. It unapologetically depicts how masculine traits plus freedom and competitiveness form a powerful source of innovation – to everyone’s benefit. Kyle Smith exults that Ford v Ferrari brazenly defies the Hollywood Zeitgeist and affirms there’s nothing wrong in acting like a man.


A Dairy Farmer Outfoxes the Deep State

In his runaway best-seller The Plot Against the President, Lee Smith tells how Washington’s permanent bureaucracy, Deep State actors and news media accomplices targeted Donald Trump. The Trump-hating mob was willing to go after virtually any person who had the temerity to back Trump but, in Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, might just have met its match.


Killing Me Softly

Why is it that Americans have, in recent years, witnessed so many senseless mass murders? Increasing evidence points to a direct link between long-term marijuana use and violent crimes. Peter Hitchens argues that marijuana’s depiction as a “soft” drug has been one of the slickest PR campaigns in history.