The Virus, the Vaccine, the Victims: Beginning the Great Reckoning

Margret Kopala
May 26, 2023
As Covid-19 recedes, a worldwide evaluation of how the pandemic was handled is finally underway. As much as governments, public health leaders and official science want to avoid questions, others with courage and determination are digging in and finding answers, including Canada’s privately organized National Citizens Inquiry. Margret Kopala examines the damage done by misguided public health measures and presents disturbing new evidence that vaccines were not only pointless but have caused injury and death on a horrific scale. And she reveals how efforts to fight back in the courts and against the media are gaining traction. As more information comes out, the truth about the greatest disaster of our time is becoming clearer.

The Virus, the Vaccine, the Victims: Beginning the Great Reckoning

Margret Kopala
May 26, 2023
As Covid-19 recedes, a worldwide evaluation of how the pandemic was handled is finally underway. As much as governments, public health leaders and official science want to avoid questions, others with courage and determination are digging in and finding answers, including Canada’s privately organized National Citizens Inquiry. Margret Kopala examines the damage done by misguided public health measures and presents disturbing new evidence that vaccines were not only pointless but have caused injury and death on a horrific scale. And she reveals how efforts to fight back in the courts and against the media are gaining traction. As more information comes out, the truth about the greatest disaster of our time is becoming clearer.
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Audience members and commissioners wept openly as a terminally ill woman spoke (go to 6:08:31 of video) of how Alberta’s highest court rejected placing her name back on the province’s organ transplant list. Sheila Lewis had been denied life-saving surgery solely because she was unvaccinated against Covid-19. Long-concerned about mRNA vaccine safety, she had earlier been told by a medical specialist that vaccination would likely interfere with the elevated antibodies and natural immunity she had built up due to a previous infection. Yet the healthcare system and the courts were unmoved. Lewis had to get vaccinated or she was off the list. “I can’t do anything anymore, Lewis, who is now on oxygen, told the inquiry through her tears. “So help me God all I wanted was just a transplant.”

Somebody had to do it: Organized and funded without government involvement, the National Citizens Inquiry on Canada’s Response to the Pandemic (NCI) is gathering data, asking tough questions and giving voice to the victims.

This wasn’t the first time the National Citizens Inquiry on Canada’s Response to the Pandemic (NCI) heard heart-wrenching stories of injustice suffered by the unvaccinated, or of injury and death by those who were. Now on the last leg of a tour that started in Truro, Nova Scotia on March 16, the NCI also heard testimony (9:40:00) from Shaun Mulldoon of Langley, B.C., who suffered horrific injuries after getting the vaccine – blood clots in several organs, requiring removal of most of his intestines. It heard of a post-vaccine case of anaphylaxis that needed an astounding 10 Epipen injections per day and a week in intensive care, and of Guillaime-Barré syndrome, fetal and infant injury or stillbirth, and cardiac arrest.

Even more worrying is a potentially disastrous national trend identified by another witness. Former University of Ottawa physicist Denis Rancourt told the NCI (40:25) that mortality from all causes is on the rise in Canada, one of the world’s more highly vaccinated countries – but not because of Covid-19. He brought along charts depicting the ominous upward spiral in “all-cause mortality” and made the case that not only had the vaccines clearly proven to be useless but they were responsible for a good many of those deaths. 

The NCI, which has been organized, funded and led entirely without government involvement, heard a lot of disturbing testimony over its 24 days of hearings. Disturbing, but perhaps not surprising to those whose curiosity previously took them beyond the mainstream media/public health narrative. In Truro, Peter McCullough, a renowned American cardiologist based in Dallas, Texas, summarized the prodigious tendency of the mRNA vaccines – certified as “safe and effective” by their manufacturers, governments and medical science – to leave illness, injury and death in their wake. McCullough, with more than 1,000 publications and 660 citations in the National Library of Medicine, chaired numerous medical safety boards and for decades sailed decidedly in the medical mainstream. What he saw in the pandemic made him an early and vocal Covid-19 dissident.

Former University of Ottawa physicist Denis Rancourt (top) told the NCI that not only had vaccines proven useless against Covid-19, they had in fact caused spikes in Canada’s “excess mortality”; American cardiologist Peter McCullough (bottom) said the death toll from vaccines was utterly shocking. (Source of bottom photo:

In Truro, McCullough discussed a summary issued last June by the World Council for Health that drew upon 39 international databases (including the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as well as key European and UK databases) which record injuries, disabilities and deaths following vaccination when the caregiver believes the injection is responsible. Before Covid-19, McCullough noted, all vaccines combined in the U.S. generated “a total on average of 158 deaths per year in this entire data system.”

By contrast, the mRNA vaccines developed to combat Covid-19 were a game-changer – and not in a good way. As of March 3, 2023, McCullough said, VAERS had recorded 17,071 deaths in just the U.S. that occurred within a few days of taking the Covid-19 vaccines and 16,454 permanently disabled Americans. McCullough finds this utterly shocking: “It is my testimony that no more than 10, 15, no more than 50 deaths…would ever be tolerable, that programs would be shut down [followed by] a deep dive on safety to find out why people are dying.” Statistically, the VAERS data suggest mRNA vaccines are hundreds of times as dangerous as any conventional vaccine.

For over three years, people around the world – and in few places more so than in official Canada – prided themselves on enduring and, at last, overcoming the worst Covid-19 had to offer. While the World Health Organization (WHO) had as of May 10, 2023 recorded more that 765 million cases and over 6.9 million Covid-19 deaths worldwide, the overall trend is sharply down. After peaking at a weekly high of 102,745 in January 2021, global deaths dropped to 4,266 the week of May 8, 2023. Over the same pandemic period, the Government of Canada’s health-infobase recorded 4.6 million cases and over 52,200 deaths from Covid-19. Here, too, the trend has turned: Canadian Covid-19 weekly deaths peaked at 1,200 in April 2020 and dropped to fewer than 200 by last month.

Health-infobase also has a database for adverse vaccine-related events, and it is proving to be a much less optimistic place. As of March 17, 2023 (the database is only updated quarterly), it had recorded 54,569 Covid-19 vaccine adverse events, of which 10,685 were considered serious. The site also offers some analysis, although it is an arcane system that draws from provincial, territorial, pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals, some of whom have been accused of suppressing honest reporting of adverse events. Still, “adverse events of special interest (AESI),” safety signals and deaths (see Table 1 at the above-linked webpage) are now being reported.

As of March 2023, Canada’s official Covid-19 database showed 54,569 “adverse events” following vaccination, of which 10,685 were considered serious; the most common was inflammation of the heart, which can lead to arrhythmia and heart failure. (Source of graph and table: Government of Canada)

In Canada, the most commonly reported “special interest” events are myocarditis and pericarditis. These are inflammation of the heart muscle and lining around the heart that can be permanently damaging and cause racing heartbeats, arrhythmia and even heart failure; children and adolescents are especially vulnerable. Other relatively frequent adverse events have been thrombosis or thrombocytopenia syndrome (spontaneous bleeding due to deficiency of blood platelets). The more recent health-infobase update reported 427 deaths in Canada following vaccination, although, it claimed, “they are not necessarily related to the vaccine.”

Vaccine-related injury and death is at last taking its place in the narrative of the pandemic, thanks to those with the courage to speak out and the determination not to quit. As Covid-19 itself recedes, those who questioned public health measures, objected to the rushed and careless vaccine rollout and fought back against governments’ most draconian measures are finding their positions increasingly vindicated. The truth about what really happened is becoming clearer.

The Great (Though Mostly Unofficial) Global Rethink

This is why, through the efforts of dozens of volunteers and small organizations, the NCI was conceived and launched: to identify the problems, unearth the data, find answers and make recommendations. And perhaps, most of all, to give voice to the voiceless. Its four volunteer commissioners – virologist Bernard Massie, engineer Ken Drysdale, public policy analyst Janice Kaikkonen, and legal tax specialist Heather DiGregorio – worked hard to get the facts. Canadian and international experts provided hard data while ordinary Canadians, facing social or economic reprisal and accusations of promoting “disinformation,” revealed harrowing experiences with the vaccines, the lockdowns and mandates, the healthcare system and the legal system.

A survey the NCI conducted last October concluded that three out of every four Canadians experienced harms from Covid-19 policies. The sweeping list of effects included isolation, learning impacts on children and students, increased tension in the home, economic difficulty, health consequences, and infringements on rights and freedoms. Given such wreckage, some might consider it a travesty that Canada’s public health establishment and every government except Alberta’s have refused to examine their own conduct via formal public inquiry or Royal Commission. On the other hand, leaving such a vacuum to be filled by the NCI at least kept the process free of political manipulation.

The harm caused by Covid-19 measures included social isolation, declines in children’s learning and development, economic hardship and the violation of constitutional rights and freedoms. (Sources of photos (clockwise from top-left): Département des Yvelines, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0; Buidhe, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0; michael_swan, marked with CC0 1.0; GoToVan, licensed under CC BY 2.0)

The NCI is one element of what might be described as a global re-think of nearly everything to do with Covid-19. Although largely unofficial, often fractured and uneven, and at times either ignored or derided by the mainstream media and much of elite opinion, the process has advanced further in many countries than it has in Canada. In the U.S., for instance, the theory that Covid-19 originated in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, once dismissed as far-right conspiracy-mongering, has been endorsed by official agencies and widely accepted among the general public. (On the other hand, the U.S. government was possibly the world’s last to officially lift the vaccine requirement for incoming air travellers.)

The overall progress is impressive. It is now so widely held that school closures were damaging if not ruinous that this measure’s most ardent proponents – former “Covid Czar” Anthony Fauci and long-time President of the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten – now brazenly deny they were ever in favour. Meanwhile, a prominent opponent of lockdowns, closures and vaccination, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is mounting a credible campaign for the 2024 Democratic Presidential Nomination.

“A global rethink”: Former “Covid Czar” and leading lockdown proponent Anthony Fauci (top) finally left the public stage; anti-lockdown/anti-vaccine crusader Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (bottom left) has written a bestseller challenging Covid-19 dogmas and is running for the Democratic presidential nomination. (Source of top photo: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

Some of the more strident voices are falling by the wayside. In December, Fauci at last resigned from his post as director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical advisor to the President, after 54 years as a federal health bureaucrat. So did Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the U.S. Centres for Disease Control (CDC), who in March 2021 famously declared that the vaccinated “don’t carry the virus and don’t get sick,” only to have to reverse her position just weeks later. She still relentlessly pushed (and took) mRNA boosters – only to herself get Covid-19 just weeks after being boosted.

Other countries have taken substantive steps to dump or distance themselves from some of the once-sacrosanct Covid-19 dogmas. Already in September 2022 Denmark ceased offering the vaccine to those under age 50. The following month Florida recommended against mRNA vaccines for healthy babies, children and adolescents (and later all males under 39). And even as Canada keeps recommending boosters, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health last month ceased public funding of mRNA vaccinations for anyone – even those at high risk.

The WHO in late March changed its recommendations to suggest that healthy teenagers and children shouldn’t need the vaccine, and then in May declared the global health emergency over. In a widely ignored media release, the CDC announced it was no longer recommending the monovalent (standard) mRNA vaccines at all, though bi-valent shots (those claimed to target two variants at once) and non-mRNA vaccines such as Novavax and Janssen would remain available.

Canada not included: Last September, Denmark (above) stopped offering the vaccine to those under 50, while Switzerland last month stopped recommending vaccinations for anyone – even those at high risk. Other countries are also reassessing. (Source of photos: Pixabay)

Taking matters a step further, media in Germany are widely covering vaccine injuries. Substacker eugyppius: a plague chronicle described how the German health minister had “denounced ‘exorbitant’ pharmaceutical profits, deplored ‘dismaying’ vaccine injuries, and called for manufacturers to set aside funds for those who have been harmed.” Reporting on vaccine injuries was turning into a “tsunami,” eugyppius said.

These and other welcome steps around the world have coincided with a torrent of new writing and research attesting to the mistakes made and damage done by the official pandemic management approach. Toronto health journalist Gabrielle Bauer’s recent book Blindsight is 2020 includes commentary from a variety of dissident scientists, artists and philosophers questioning the ethics of lockdowns and mandates, what they meant for civil liberties, the dangers of government overreach and their human toll. Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, has sold over 1 million copies, the indefatigable Covid dissident Robert W. Malone has added Lies My Government Told Me to the shelf, and noted Belgian vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche has weighed in with The Inescapable Immune Escape Pandemic.

Even the contention that a simple mask must surely do some good has taken a beating. A meta analysis of Covid-19 physical interventions “to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses” published by the prestigious Cochrane Library concluded, “Wearing masks…probably makes little or no difference.” (This C2C Journal research analysis concluded the same thing nearly two years ago.)

The “Global” Exception

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (top) denied he forced anyone to be vaccinated, evidently forgetting his government’s mandate for Canadian truckers; meanwhile, Ottawa has signed a deal with Moderna promising to make Canada an “mRNA leader.” (Sources of photos: (top) @True North Centre/Twitter; (middle) michael_swan, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0; (bottom) The Canadian Press/Ryan Remiorz)

But are Canada’s public health leaders, let alone our political establishment, getting the message? So far, only Quebec has modified its vaccination policy to focus on vulnerable populations and issued a myocarditis warning concerning Pfizer’s bivalent vaccine. And only Alberta has launched an official process of inquiry, the Public Health Emergencies Governance Review Panel, chaired by Preston Manning. Rather than seriously amending their policies in response to the flood of new information, provincial websites with only minor variations still suggest a horse race to deliver the most vaccinations the most quickly, even to young children. 

If Canada’s provinces have been sluggish, its national leadership is downright shameless in sidestepping the new realities. Few governments pushed vaccination more relentlessly or marginalized dissent harder than Canada’s. Yet after not only suspending tens of thousands of federal workers who declined to be vaccinated but also imposing the draconian Emergencies Act to crush protests against his pointless demand that Canada’s long-distance truckers all be vaccinated, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently claimed never to have forced anyone to be vaccinated. (At the same time, his government signed a deal with Moderna for a Montreal-based vaccine-production facility that “would make Canada an ‘mRNA leader.”)

Certainly, the public conversation has not opened up in Canada as it has in the U.S. Many witnesses told the NCI they still feared for their jobs if they spoke out; many worried for their health and the health of their loved ones if they didn’t. To be sure, uptake of the vaccines has declined. From a weekly high of some 13 million mostly first and second doses in July 2021, weekly shots of mostly 5th doses declined to about 355,000 late last month.

Many parents are also resisting vaccinating their young children, despite continuing exhortations to do so. The share of Canadian kids aged 0-4 years with at least one dose topped out at 9.5 percent, with only 3.8 percent receiving a booster in the last six months. Those aged 5-11 and 12-17 crested at 50.9 and 53.3 percent, respectively – only 5.0 and 6.8 percent had a booster in the same period.

If Covid-19 is Over, Why are More of Us Dying?

The never-perfect and then further declining efficacy of the mRNA vaccines gradually seeped into the public consciousness in late 2021 and throughout 2022. First, it became clear they didn’t prevent infection and transmission. Later, widespread belief that they at least prevent hospitalization and death also began to erode when Covid-19 hospitalizations increased among the vaccinated.

The much-heralded “bivalent” boosters – meant to fight two variants at once – had an even shorter half-life. Among several key datapoints, the positive finding in a study by the Cleveland Clinic of its 51,000 employees that the boosters “afforded modest protection” was essentially negated by its conclusion that the greater the number (see Figure 2) of vaccine doses, the greater the risk of contracting Covid-19. Least at risk were those with zero doses. In other words, the mRNA jabs had less-than-zero efficacy – they were worse than useless.

Worse than useless: A study of 51,000 employees of the Cleveland Clinic Health System showed that the greater the number of vaccine doses, the greater the risk of contracting Covid-19. (Source of graph: “Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Bivalent Vaccine” by Shrestha, et al, December 2022)

But that they might actually be killing people was still an idea that the public narrative had successfully associated only with “anti-vaxxers.” And that they might be killing more people than Covid-19 itself seemed unthinkable. And yet among the signs emerging during the great global rethink is that overall mortality in some countries has climbed even as the pandemic has waned.

Among the first convincing signs was data emerging from U.S. insurance companies. In short, payouts were being made to American families of millennial professionals who were dying in unprecedented numbers. In testimony to the NCI (5:25:10), Edward Dowd, a former portfolio manager at Blackrock Inc. and author of Cause Unknown The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022, described how mysterious deaths occurring among his friends led him to launch his own investigation.

“Off the charts”: Former Blackrock portfolio manager and statistical expert Edward Dowd has gathered “overwhelming” evidence that sharply increased deaths among working-age Americans are due to vaccines and mandates.

Using his experience with statistics, Dowd examined figures from insurance companies and funeral homes and, he testified, found “overwhelming” evidence that young people were dying at excessive rates in Western nations. Many of these deaths came suddenly and mysteriously, sometimes while a person slept, at other times while exercising. Elite athletes, too, were dropping during competitions. A new term was coined: “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.”

To Dowd, the smoking gun came in data from group life coverage for medium-sized and large American companies. This is normally a profitable line of business, since payouts can only be claimed upon injury or death and working-age employees in such companies tend to be reasonably healthy. But “everything went off the rails in 2021,” Dowd explained to the NCI. “The whole of the U.S. insurance industry experienced 40 percent excess mortality among those between the ages of 25 and 64.”

In particular, the trend in excess insurance claims shot from about 30 percent in the first eight months of 2021 – bad enough – to an astounding 84 percent that autumn. Such a shift, Dowd said, is “off the charts.” Something changed and, Dowd concluded, “that shift was in my humble opinion vaccines and mandates.” The sweeping imposition of mandates, Dowd says, forced “vaccine hesitant millennials [in]to taking the jab or losing their job.” Dowd also examined the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics and found similar trends and timing regarding disabilities. All told, Dowd estimates, the U.S. experienced 300,000 excess deaths and nearly 1.4 million disabilities in 2021 and 2022 due to the vaccine.

In Canada, inter-disciplinary physicist Rancourt also applied various data points to arrive at all-cause mortality results as startling as Dowd’s. Addressing the NCI in Ottawa (40:35), Rancourt opened with his main conclusions. First, and most arrestingly, he asserted, “If governments had done nothing out of the ordinary, if they had not announced the pandemic, had not responded to a presumed pathogen, and done nothing other than what we normally do when we have a high season of mortality in the winter then there would have been no excess mortality.”

Second, Rancourt characterized the measures government did take as “assaults” that “definitely and quantitatively caused excess mortality in various jurisdictions and at various times in the pandemic period, very significant deaths.” (This assertion is consistent with the findings of C2C’s original statistical analysis by Jim Mason, PhD, of Canadian mortality during the pandemic period.) Finally, testified Rancourt, there is “no way to escape the conclusion that the vaccines definitely caused death in significant numbers.”

Rancourt’s findings presented to the NCI showed Canada’s vaccine rollout did not stop excess deaths and that in fact “all-cause mortality” peaked markedly after the most intense vaccine rollouts. (Source of graphs: Denis Rancourt)

Rancourt’s breathtaking – some might say outrageous – assertions were backed up with detailed charts. They plot total all-cause mortality in Canada increasing during the pandemic, with peaks at several points. The first was in spring 2020, before vaccines but during the period of bad medical practice that produced geographic clustering of deaths in Quebec and Ontario nursing homes. Rancourt noted that numerous factors affect all-cause mortality: age, sex, geographical location, social factors, even natural disasters like earthquakes and the weather. One such event was a heat wave in Lombardy, Italy, where the numbers of the dying – placed two at a time on ventilators – horrified the world.

Closer to home, Rancourt believes that such factors provide insight into observed differences between the Canada and the U.S., which reported five times as many deaths per capita from Covid as Canada. That seemed far-fetched to Rancourt: “If this was a virus, it refused to cross the American Canadian border…which is impossible in terms of epidemiological theory.” He believes instead that the high rates of poverty and metabolic disorders such as obesity in the U.S. caused a horrific epidemic of bacterial pneumonia that became an unreported co-cause of hundreds of thousands of U.S. Covid deaths.

Plotting the all-cause mortality statistics against the vaccine rollout, he discovered how, first, Canada’s “military style” rollout did not stop the excess deaths and, second, that peaks in his charts corresponded with the most intensive vaccine rollout phases. He estimates the deaths caused by the vaccines to number between 10,000 and 35,000. If true, this implies the mRNA vaccines were horrifically dangerous, killing between 20 percent and 67 percent as many Canadians as Covid itself (unless there were other, as-yet-unknown causal factors at work at the same time). Rancourt’s global estimates are correspondingly enormous – much higher even than McCullough’s review of the U.S. VAERS data. But they are eerily similar to the findings of Dowd.

Now, the questions include how the vaccine’s longer-term physiological effects play out on recipients – including millions of children. Will the peaks subside? Will the troughs deepen, rise or return to normal? The hard data provided by all-cause mortality figures provide a foundation for further analysis – if enough scientists have the courage to look.

The Anti-Anti-Vaxxers

Vaccine true-believers have fought back hard. The infamous Imperial College that at the pandemic’s outset erroneously modelled catastrophic numbers of Covid deaths has since modelled millions of lives saved by the vaccines. The study was sponsored by organizations that benefitted from the vaccine rollout, such as GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In Canada, Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam co-authored a paper claiming the Covid mitigation measures she supported saved 800,000 lives.

But as the evidence piles up on the other side, such arguments are becoming ever-harder to credit. And indeed, this question has been tackled directly. Because the vaccines can lead to similar conditions as Covid-19 itself, a team of scientists lead by Joseph Fraiman, a Louisiana-based emergency physician, conducted a study designed to isolate only the excess risk caused by the vaccine. Their paper found that the vaccine trials by Pfizer and Moderna revealed risks of coagulation and cardiac disorders. Most critically, their paper states, “We found the excess risk of serious [adverse events of special interest] to exceed the reduction of COVID-19 hospitalisations in both Pfizer and Moderna trials.”

More harm than good: Last year, Louisiana emergency physician Joseph Fraiman (left) and colleagues found the risk of harm from adverse vaccine effects exceeded the reduction in hospitalizations.

In short: if the paper’s findings are accurate, the mRNA vaccines are causing more harm – illness, hospitalization and death – than they are preventing. This does not in and of itself prove that the vaccines alone are responsible for the apparent surge in all-cause mortality. But it is evidence that they are playing a role. By January, 2023, Fraiman, like prominent cardiologists McCullough and, in the UK, Aseem Malhotra, was calling for a moratorium on Covid-19 mRNA vaccines. So far, nobody in Canada is listening.

The Censorship Sector and the CBC’s Betrayal

One aspect of the Covid-19 saga likely to strike a disinterested observer – the proverbial visitor from another planet – as remarkable is that virtually all of this was known, or at least discoverable, months or even years ago. It was clear almost as soon as the pandemic began that lockdowns were ineffective, misguided and immensely harmful. Soon after that it grew obvious that population-wide masking was useless and a personal health risk. The experimental nature of the mRNA vaccines was incontrovertible, their riskiness was plain, and their collapsing effectiveness emerged within a year of mass inoculation commencing. History proved that, in any pandemic, populations achieve herd immunity. And, until Covid came along, it was universally accepted that surviving an infectious disease provided the patient with natural immunity.

Propaganda organs: Mainstream media and social media platforms cheered on government and public health officials and dismissed as “conspiracy” and “misinformation” any wavering from the official narrative. (Sources of images: (left); (right) Facebook)

Yet governments and their officials adopted and stubbornly clung to a flawed narrative on each of these topics. The news media and tech giants not only cheered them on but filtered information and guarded the conversational gates, raining verbal arrows of “conspiracy” and “misinformation” – or even “misogyny” and “racism” – against any wavering from the official narrative. Vast swathes of the public remained oblivious to everything above.

The great global rethink has begun to expose just how thoroughly the news and social media were corrupted – or corrupted themselves – throughout the pandemic. Among the worst examples was Twitter – and now, thanks to its ownership switch to Elon Musk, it is also the most thoroughly exposed. The “Twitter Files” demonstrate the social media giant’s submission to and collusion with the U.S. government in propounding official narratives and suppressing dissent on key public policy issues – including Covid-19.

“The Twitter Files were just the tip of the iceberg,” Mike Benz, Executive Director, Foundation for Freedom Online, told The Epoch Times. “Twenty-two million tweets were categorized as misinformation for purposes of takedowns,” he explained, and “government, private sector, civil society and the news media” were working towards the “common goal of censorship.” The tech giants’ AI-enabled algorithms enabled them to automatically scan and ban the new “thought violations.”

Mike Benz, Executive Director of Foundation for Freedom Online, said 22 million tweets were “categorized as misinformation for purposes of takedowns,” explaining how tech giants worked with government and new media to ban “thought violations.” (Source of photo:

In Canada, essentially all of the mainstream news media fell into line. Even the somewhat conservative, somewhat skeptical National Post delayed for up to two years before starting to voice concerns that had previously been published in C2C and some alternative outlets. The worst offender, however, was the taxpayer-funded CBC. The CBC is a member of the Trusted News Initiative (TNI), an ironically named international partnership of prominent media outlets committed to exposing “mistruths and disinformation about the global pandemic.” The reality has proved somewhat different.

Testifying at the NCI in Ottawa on May 18, former CBC Manitoba reporter Marianne Klowak vividly described how her employer blocked reporting that was skeptical about lockdowns, masks, pandemic management or vaccines. “I had witnessed in a very short time the collapse of journalism, news gathering, investigative reporting – and the way I saw it is that we were in fact pushing propaganda,” Klowak testified. “Not only had we shut down one side by silencing and discrediting anyone opposing the narrative, we had elevated and designated ourselves as gatekeepers of the truth.” Testifying in Toronto at the NCI, veteran journalist Rodney Palmer described how U.S. Confederate and Nazi flags were staged, photographed and then broadcast by the CBC and other major outlets to discredit the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. 

The NCI itself was enveloped in a shroud of mainstream media silence as soon as it was announced, and its recurring bombshell testimony has been roundly ignored – though it has been ably and thoroughly covered by alternative media, notably the Epoch Times.

Here again, the pushback is more advanced in the U.S. The activist group Children’s Health Defense is suing the Trusted News Initiative for allegedly colluding with Big Tech to censor online news and for violating their First Amendment rights. Similarly, with the Twitter Files, now in their 19th installment, evidence is flowing that social media and government censored valid Covid-19 information such as the ability of infection to produce natural immunity. It is little surprise that a clear majority of Americans have come to utterly distrust the traditional news media. In a recent poll, an astounding 59 percent agreed that the media are “truly the enemy of the people.”

The collapse of journalism”: Part of the ironically-named Trusted News Initiative, the state-funded CBC became notorious for its battle against “mistruths and disinformation.” In the words of former CBC Manitoba reporter Marianne Klowak, “We were in fact pushing propaganda.” (Source of photo: CBC)

The states of Louisiana and Missouri have filed suit against the Biden Administration for colluding with Big Tech to suppress free speech. A recent statement from Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch offered some hope they might be successful. “Since March 2020,” Gorsuch stated, “we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country. Executive officials across this country have issued emergency decrees on a breathtaking scale.”

“Since March 2020 we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country,” U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch (left) said recently. Legal actions have seen some early success in the U.S., with courts overturning some vaccination orders and bans on religious gatherings. (Sources of photos: (left) Franz Jantzen/The Collection Supreme Court of the United States; (right) Lynn Friedman, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

New Battle Lines – The Courtroom

“Is this the way the vaccines end?” a recent Australian Spectator headline prodded. “Not with a bang but a lawsuit?” As Politico observed in the U.S., if the battle lines no longer cross hospital emergency rooms, they assuredly run through courtrooms where mandates are still being challenged and compensation is being sought for harms inflicted by Covid-19 mitigation measures and vaccines. Like opioid litigation and tobacco lawsuits, Politico reported, they could tie up the courts for decades.

Some plaintiffs are already tasting victory. Courts barred California’s and New York’s Covid-era restrictions on religious gatherings as well as the CDC’s moratorium (for ostensible public health reasons) on evicting non-paying tenants. The Supreme Court also blocked a U.S. Department of Labor order that workers at large companies be vaccinated or tested.

Others, however, are losing. Brook Jackson was regional director of a Texas clinical research facility who was fired in autumn 2020 after alleging that Pfizer’s Stage III clinical mRNA vaccine trials compromised “data integrity” and “patient safety.” The whistleblower promptly took Pfizer and her former boss, Ventavia Research Group, to court where, early last month, a Texas judge dismissed the case, citing the emergency nature of the entire vaccine development, procurement and authorization. Jackson is appealing. Meanwhile, the Texas Attorney General is considering fraud charges against Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson which, if successful, would erase the manufacturers’ immunity against liability under Emergency Use Authorization and the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act.

As governments in Canada continue to evade responsibility for the harms they caused, or at least failed to prevent, some Covid-19-related litigation is also being attempted here. As early as mid-2020, claims were being prepared against nursing homes, insurance companies, businesses and airlines. Most recently, over 400 people responded to lawyer Leighton Grey’s call to join a potential vaccine injury class action against pharmaceutical companies and Ottawa. While Grey sounds confident that “Big Pharma will settle,” saying such payouts are part of their business model, Ottawa is another story. “It will be interesting to see how the indemnity that was provided to Big Pharma…is going to play out,” he said.

Alberta lawyer Leighton Grey (left) is organizing a class action against pharmaceutical companies and the federal government; more than 400 Canadians have asked to join. (Source of right photo: Mx. Granger)

Meanwhile, dissident physicians who spoke up about vaccine harms, or issued vaccine exemptions or tried to work around the healthcare system’s deliberate refusal to provide early ambulatory treatment against Covid-19 continue to defend themselves against disciplinary actions undertaken by colleges of physicians and surgeons in British Columbia and Ontario. As much as Canada’s governments and the public health establishment may wish to avoid it, society needs to come to grips with what happened and examine whether things could have been done better.

A “Global Atrocity”

No doubt some Canadians still cling to the belief that governments and public health officials did a great job handling the worst pandemic since, or even before, the Spanish Flu of 1918-20. A few likely still believe lockdowns should have been even harder and longer, and that Canada should be pursuing a “Covid Zero” strategy. A much larger number probably think governments did their usual imperfect but essentially well-meaning job.

But some will have nothing of the sort; for them, the pandemic was a time of great and needless suffering, one that as a small consolation delivered an uncompromising clarity. NCI witness Patricia Leidl is one. A professional whose career included communications work at the WHO and the UN, she only took the vaccine so she could resume work – only to become a living, breathing example of adverse vaccine effects who is now fixated on finding redress and relief for her condition.

Leidl began experiencing problems on the ninth day after her second injection. She swelled with edema that added 50 pounds to her weight, and suffered pounding headaches, loss of balance and light sensitivity. She was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, in which the heart rate escalates upon rising, often leading to fainting. And, at age 60, having completed menopause, she resumed her menstrual cycle. Leidl went through innumerable emergency room visits, things she came to dread. At one, an internist brusquely told her, “It’s all in your head.”

For Leidl, the pandemic was not about well-meaning governments and earnest public health officials doing the best they could, nor even about significant but innocent errors. For her, it was something vastly worse and much darker. With a prepared statement to hand, she read the following into the NCI record:  

“We are witnessing the most well planned, widespread case of medicide ever experienced in our human history. All levels of government, business and so-called health care systems have colluded to bully, gaslight and coerce us into taking inoculations that they knew were unsafe. And then, when they caused harm, failed in their duty of care to acknowledge, treat and support those whose lives have been devastated from this poison. Who were our so-called authorities pandering to? Why did our respective governments unleash fear instead of reassurance? And finally, who are the puppet masters behind this global atrocity? In the words of Nelson Mandela there can be no forgiveness without justice and, I would add, no reconciliation without redress.”

Even a great global rethink of the world’s Covid-19 response may never reveal the full truth about the pandemic, but good people are trying to get answers. (Source of photo: Shutterstock)

The NCI held its last day of hearings on May 12. It has called for input about its next steps. A report on its findings is expected. Possibly it will hold a conference or more hearings. Meanwhile, following Alberta’s provincial election on Monday, May 29, the province’s Covid commission is also expected to resume its work.

These are two small elements of a great process of rethinking what can now be described as the greatest public policy disaster of the last 100 years. The world’s citizenry may never gain complete clarity on such things as the true origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or a full reckoning of why so many governments embraced the lockdown mania, or why vaccines were pushed to the exclusion of all else, let alone see just compensation provided to all those who suffered. Still, in the face of government indifference, media derision, Big Tech censorship and relentless roll-out of still more vaccine products by Big Pharma, good people continue to try. 

Margret Kopala is a policy analyst and lead author of The Dog Bone Portfolio A Personal Odyssey into the First Kondratieff Winter of the 21st CenturyIt examines the history of how the technological transition cycle was identified, how it is playing out today and its implications for investors, policy makers and nations.

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