Lindsy Danzinger

Options in Education
When Lindsy Danzinger decided to homeschool her children, she joined a low-key wave that has seen the number of kids schooled at home across Canada double in a decade – and then double again in the first year of the pandemic. This despite critics hammering homeschoolers as irresponsible parents or religious zealots who are failing, even damaging their children. In this personal essay, Danzinger details how she overcame her own doubts and anxieties to embrace the job of educating her children. Homeschooling, she writes, not only brought her family closer together but produced happy, smart, well-adjusted kids – one of whom is about to start high school – instilled with the values and character she had hoped for.
Women and Trans
Not many years ago, a naked man parading around a women’s changeroom at a public swimming pool would likely have faced criminal charges of voyeurism. But when Lindsy Danzinger’s 66-year-old mother recently witnessed just such a thing, she didn’t speak up or complain. She and other witnesses were paralyzed by fear of being labelled bigots in a world where gender self-identification is revered. In this exploration of the incident, Danzinger examines how aggressive gender ideology turns simple, objective truth on its head, violates women’s privacy and protected spaces and threatens to undo decades of hard-fought-for women’s rights.

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