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The Left’s Great Immigration Flip-Flop

Politicians of both left and right used to agree a nation’s immigration policies should advance the interests of nation and people. That was yesterday. A new morality has taken hold throughout the West, advancing open borders as a moral imperative and equating patriotism with racism. Progressives have all-but abandoned the interests of working men and women. Bradley Betters scrutinizes this strange metamorphosis and examines the radical implications of a morality that subordinates a nation’s interests to a universalist ethic.


The mother of all power outages

North Korea has just successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying its nuclear warheads to North America. If that’s not enough to give you nightmares, here’s more: Kim Jong Un’s nukes could be used as electromagnetic pulse weapons which could take out the energy infrastructure that powers all our electronic technologies. The impacts would be potentially fatal for millions. SunMedia columnist Anthony Furey details this dangerously underestimated threat in a new book, reviewed for C2C by Shal Marriott.