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Choosing between Trudeau’s Election Propaganda and the Truth

With every serious but hardly unprecedented weather event getting blamed on human-driven climate change, including in histrionic government press releases, some suspect the federal Liberals are laying the groundwork for a viciously moralistic election campaign. Gwyn Morgan is one, but he still sees a practical way out of the mess for Canadians and, perhaps, for the federal opposition as well.


Wrecking the Federation to Save the Planet

The federal carbon tax came into effect this week in Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. It may soon be imposed in Alberta, depending on the outcome of this month’s election. Starting with Saskatchewan, the provinces are taking Ottawa to court over who has the right to regulate greenhouse gases under Canada’s constitution. The much larger question is how the case will affect the balance of powers within the federation.


Clinton and Obama’s Anti-NAFTA Bender

Anti-free trade rhetoric is “in” this campaign season in the U.S. While it is a gauche trend, there is reason to hope it will be a passing fad. Cleveland, Ohio was the site of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls’ latest debate. Here anti-NAFTA posturing reached its peak with Senator Hillary Clinton declaring that if she could not “renegotiate” NAFTA, then she would “opt out” of it. Senator Barrack Obama agreed.