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“The Commissioner of Canada Elections vs. Ezra Levant: A Faux Pas de Deux”

Danielle Smith brings on Guest Grant A. Brown to discuss his story in C2C Journal. Grant A. Brown has a DPhil from Oxford University and an LL.B. from the University of Alberta, taught applied ethics and political philosophy at the University of Lethbridge, practiced family law, and currently runs a B&B in Stratford, Ontario.

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The Lockdown Contrarians Were Right

Guest Gwyn Morgan, retired founding CEO of Encana Corporation and a regular contributor to C2C Journaland the Financial Post discusses with Danielle Smith his newest C2C article “The Lockdown Contrarians Were Right”.

How the Lockdown Could Cure Itself

Danielle Smith discusses the article “How the Lockdown Could Cure Itself”, written by Peter Shawn Taylor, Senior Features Editor of C2C Journal.

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