Author: A.M. Juster

Too Much of Something

Last month saw yet another CD/Album release from Bob Dylan’s back catalogue, this one entitled Travelling Thru: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15. Even hard-core Dylan fans might be forgiven for despairing at this tsunami of outtakes, alternate versions, live versions, alternate live versions, and shoulda’-been-left-on-the-cutting-room-floor versions. Still, Dylan’s lyrics have universal appeal, as A.M. Juster finds in reflecting on the kid from Hibbing, Minnesota’s Nobel Prize.


The immortal poetry experiment

Christian Bök is a University of Calgary poet, professor and amateur genetic engineer. He is trying to create an indestructible organism that can generate poetry through its genetic code that will be read eons from now by whatever sentient species succeeds humans. A.M. Juster, also a poet with a background in biotechnology, writes that Bök’s work is not only literary avant gardism at its worst, but could be a menace to public safety.