Author: Benjamin Perrin

The Slave Trade is Back: Confronting Human Trafficking in Canada and Beyond

Men like Adam Smith, William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln recognized that free markets and free societies could only exist where all people are free. This hard-earned victory, however, is being systematically attacked in Canada and, indeed, around the world, with a resurgence in the last two decades of human trafficking — a modern-day form of slavery.


Clinton and Obama’s Anti-NAFTA Bender

Anti-free trade rhetoric is “in” this campaign season in the U.S. While it is a gauche trend, there is reason to hope it will be a passing fad. Cleveland, Ohio was the site of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls’ latest debate. Here anti-NAFTA posturing reached its peak with Senator Hillary Clinton declaring that if she could not “renegotiate” NAFTA, then she would “opt out” of it. Senator Barrack Obama agreed.