Author: Barry Cooper

The Libranos by Rebel News’ Ezra Levant

The Harper Conservatives’ only major scandal was driven by a sole Senator and those who tried to pay back the piffling $90,000 in question. Yet that misstep plagued them for years and contributed to their 2015 defeat. It seems they’re just not like the Liberals. Those guys know how to do scandal. They think big – the Sponsorship Scandal alone totalled $100 million – their habits are well-honed and their expertise is inter-generational. You could say it’s in their political DNA. Chronicling it all could fill a multi-volume history. Fearless muckraker Ezra Levant has made a start with a new book focused on the most recent phase, the Justin Trudeau years. Barry Cooper reviews Levant’s The Libranos.

Who's the real Menace, Ottawa, Alberta

Who’s the Real Menace?

The Liberal government’s relentless assault on the West’s resource economy must have countless older Albertans (and Saskatchewanians) seething at Eastern Canada’s refusal to mature beyond its politics of envy and younger generations mystified that the careers they studied and worked hard to launch are pronounced destined for phase-out by our current prime minister. In this essay, C2C Journal pairs two veterans of the federal-provincial energy wars: oilpatch insider Dave Yager, author of a new book on Alberta’s resource sector and its immense contribution to Canada, and political scientist Barry Cooper, who reviews Yager’s From Miracle to Menace: Alberta, A Carbon Story.


The Trump Era So Far

The Mueller report icing the Russian collusion charges did not end Trump Derangement Syndrome. You can still trigger an argument just by wearing a red baseball cap with a certain caption on it. But a new book about the Trump era so far, by American conservative scholar Victor Davis Hanson, is mercifully TDS-free. Hanson’s bias in The Case for Trump is that whatever the failings of the disruptor, the Deep State needed disrupting. As the SNC scandal lifts the veil on Canada’s own Deep State, Barry Cooper wonders if it will be the harbinger of our own disruptor.


The Dominion of (West) Canada?

Blocking pipelines to “phase out” energy production from Alberta’s oilsands has nothing to do with saving the planet. It’s about Eastern Canada screwing the West to take the Rest. Always has been, always will be, unless…


Harper gets it right

Could the populist uprising now sweeping much of the western world erupt in Canada? The idea is as horrifying as it is inconceivable in the minds of the Laurentian intelligentsia. That explains their disdain for Stephen Harper’s new book Right Here, Right Now, a rumination on the causes and effects of Trump, Brexit, et al.


The myth of the Arab spring

Back in early 2011, many thought the Arab world was following our lead and that every Tunisian or Syrian protester really longed for liberal democracy. Wrong. The expectation of a democratic outcome in the Arab world reflects Western myopia. Barry Cooper explains…


How the American Military went off course

Has American society allowed political and military chiefs to wage war without much restraint? Prof. Barry Cooper of the University of Calgary tackles a provocative new book by Rachel Maddow on American military might, with some useful insights for Canada’s own national defence debate


Helping Easterners Understand the Alberta Election

Alberta (along with the other Western provinces) really does have long-term economic and geopolitical interests distinct from those of Canadians living in the St. Lawrence Valley. Until our fellow-citizens in Ontario and Quebec accept Alberta leadership, Premier Alison Redford’s pledge to build bridges is an exercise in futility or worse, capitulation. Barry Cooper looks at the Alberta election and explains what it means…


The Bureaucratization of Treason

Treason has succumbed to the bureaucratization common in modern life writes Barry Cooper: “We now rely almost entirely on security intelligence, which is to say pre-emptive, micro-managed bureaucratic options to deal with the kind of threats that used to be punished after the fact by sedition and treason prosecutions.”