Gaurav Singhmar

2019 Federal Election
Jagmeet Singh is soaring in the polls. He seems nice, and millions agree. The man’s depths remain mysterious, however. The federal NDP leader professes devotion to a Sikh doctrine of “oneness” and says he’s driven by the twin imperatives of courage and belonging. Still he declares entire federal parties unfit to be heard in public and half the human race unqualified to speak on certain issues. Using Jagmeet’s autobiography, Love and Courage, as his vehicle, Gaurav Singhmar draws on his deep understanding of Western and Indic thought to perform a layered and nuanced examination of our would-be prime minister.
Justin Trudeau is in such foul odour these days he’s at risk of losing the progressive base he stole from the NDP in 2015. That’s great news for NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who until recently looked like the deader of the two men walking. But let’s not forget that Singh’s leadership got off to such a rocky start partly because of news stories about his long history of playing footsie with Sikh extremists. Gaurav Singhmar, an Edmonton writer who like Singh has roots in the Punjab, was among the first to do that story on the eve of the 2017 NDP leadership vote.

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